Sustainable Furniture Teak Root Table

Choosing Sustainable Furniture Teak Root Table Than Others

Teak is known as the most attractive and best wood used for furniture to equip your house, garden, cafe, and any artistic building. A teak root usually is used to make furniture such as a table and chair. The characteristics of the teak root are suitable to make artistic furniture. Not only full of character, but the teak root is also durable and solid. It is suitable for any kind of outdoor and indoor furniture. Each piece of furniture made by the teak root will have a unique shape because it is formed by the root natural formation. The color tone of this furniture will be rich, deep and tactile. Most of the furniture made from the teak root will be asustainable furniture teak root tableThe table will look so arty and make the surrounding more natural. Teak root console table furniture manufacturer made many kinds of sustainable furniture teak root table to be sold all around the world. Not all countries can have teak roots because it can only be found in the tropical jungle. Teak root is the best wood for the furniture material because of some reasons mentioned below.

Higher Oil Content

Teak root is a kind of wood that has higher oil content than others. This condition makes the teak root will not rot, split or warp. The dense and hard texture makes this hardwood so strong and heavy. 

Attractive Color

Sustainable furniture teak root table doesn’t need to be painted or layered with other elements. The golden-brown color is there as the natural color of the wood. You don’t have to maintain the color and keep it away from dust or sunshine because it will not change. Even if it is changed because of the duration it is used, it still looks fine. The color gradually will be substituted by silver-gray patina. Both colors are attractive and make the surroundings look more beautiful.

Strong and Hard 

Teak wood is heavy because it is dense and hard. Most of the furniture made from teak root such as a sustainable furniture teak root table will use mortise and tenon joints combined with the dowel. The purpose of its combination is to add more strength to the furniture. It also can increase the quality of the furniture.

Natural and Antique

Any furniture made of wood will give a natural vibe to the room where it is placed. It is different from the teak root, this would also give the furniture an antique vibe. The shape and color of the sustainable furniture teak root table will attract people to look at it because it is unique.

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