Behind the history, Indonesian legal wood is one of a must Indonesian trade minister export documents for all Indonesian wood furniture product, pulp & paper. In the beginning year 2000, Illegal logging massively happened in Indonesian forest especially in Java, Sumatera and Borneo.  Illegal logging is the harvesting, processing, transporting, buying or selling of timber in contravention of national and international laws. In the year of 2001, The EU timber regulation aims to reduce illegal
Why You Have to Choose Teak Root Coffee Table Glass Top? When you want to design your home and you want to make your home look more aesthetic, you can choose the teak root coffee table glass top. This table will combine the modern style and traditional one. So, this style can become a contemporary style for your home. You can use this table for your living room or in the private room. Your room will
Easy Ways to Choose Teak Root Console Table Indonesia is a country that has a good teak root furniture Indonesia manufacturer. Because of that, you can easily find many teak root pieces of furniture in there. However, you have to pay attention when you want to choose and buy it. This is because every teak root has a different characteristic. Here is the best way you can choose when you want to buy a teak root
Tips for Caring Your Tree Root Coffee Table The tree root coffee table is one of the best tables you can choose for your home. Today, many people try to choose and buy this table because this table is aesthetic and beautiful. When you want to buy this table, make sure you know the best way to care for your tree root table. Here is the best way you can do for caring for your table.
Teak Wood Bowl Wholesale, the Best Souvenirs You Can Bring Home If you plan to go to spend your vacation in Indonesia in particular, then it never hurts to go for a walk while hunting for souvenirs to be able to bring home later to make memories at home or you can give to your relatives as souvenirs from your holiday in Indonesia. One that can be an option for you is a teak wood