Bulan: April 2020

Teak Root Coffee Table Glass Top

Why You Have to Choose Teak Root Coffee Table Glass Top?

When you want to design your home and you want to make your home look more aesthetic, you can choose the teak root coffee table glass top. This table will combine the modern style and traditional one. So, this style can become a contemporary style for your home. You can use this table for your living room or in the private room. Your room will look beautiful because of this table.

Best Location to Put Your Table

Do you feel confused about putting your table? Generally, this table is put in the foyer room. Foyer room is the space room you can put between the leading and living room. However, when you want to make an aesthetic way, you can put it in the living room. Beside it, try to put your table on the side of your furniture to make your room look more beautiful. Besides, you can put a vase with bright flowers to make your table look more attractive. 

How Do I Get My Table

If you want to buy this table, you can buy it in a teak root furniture Indonesia manufacturer. There are many manufacturing places you can choose from. However, these manufacturing places have different prices. So, when you want to buy this table, make sure you know the best price for this table. Try to ask and compare it to get the best price. However, this table price is expensive. It is because this table has the best quality for your table in your future home. 

Why You Have to Choose this Table?

There are many reasons why you have to choose this table. The first reason is this table is one of the tables you can choose when you want to decorate your home. When you add this teak root coffee table glass top in your home, your home will look more attractive. People who look at your table will be inviting. It is because this table has unique and aesthetic ways.

The next reason why you choose this table is you can clean this table easily. This is because this table has glass material on the top side. However, it is different if you choose a teak root table that was full of the table. You have to clean it carefully to make the color not broken. However, both of the tables are good for your home decor ideas. Besides, when you choose this teak root coffee table glass top, you can combine your home style. You can combine modern and traditional ways to create an amazing style for your home interior.

Teak Root Console Table

Easy Ways to Choose Teak Root Console Table

Indonesia is a country that has a good teak root furniture Indonesia manufacturer. Because of that, you can easily find many teak root pieces of furniture in there. However, you have to pay attention when you want to choose and buy it. This is because every teak root has a different characteristic. Here is the best way you can choose when you want to buy a teak root console table.

1. Finishing of the Color

The first one you can do when you want to choose the teak root console table is to pay attention to the color finishing. Make sure you choose color finishing based on your home architecture. Beside it, the best console table is the table that has orderly and neat color finishing. Beside it. The distance for your table has to equal.

2. Knowing the Material

The next one you have to do when you want to choose a console table is knowing the material. Generally, the standard of the material is 120 until 150 cm for the long and the high is around 80 up to 90 cm. For the general foyer space, the number of materials is 2m x 2m. However, usually, you will find 2m x 3m for the foyer space. Make sure to know the quality of your table material.

3. Choosing the Style

When you feel confused about choosing the style, you can ask the seller relating to the best style. There are many popular styles you can choose for the teak root console table. For example, you can choose a European style, Chinese style, or you can choose a local style. However, this style is the favorite style for many people who want to buy this kind of table.

4. Choosing the Best Table Model

The next one you can do is choosing the best model for your teak root table. You can choose a minimalist and classic model for your table model. For the color, make sure you choose a single color. Single color represents a simple way and aesthetic one. However, you can choose a simple and modern color like gold, beige, or chocolate. This table also appropriates for your living room table.

How to Care Your Teak Root Console Table

When you want to take care of your table after you buy it, just use the wet cloth for cleaning it. To make the best result, you can use baking soda. Baking soda will help to remove the sustain of your teak root console table. However, when you want to make your table more shining, you can use tea for the cleaner.

Tree Root Coffee Table

Tips for Caring Your Tree Root Coffee Table

The tree root coffee table is one of the best tables you can choose for your home. Today, many people try to choose and buy this table because this table is aesthetic and beautiful. When you want to buy this table, make sure you know the best way to care for your tree root table. Here is the best way you can do for caring for your table.

1. Place in The Dry Place

The first way you can do when you want to take care of your table is by placing your table in the dry place. You can choose hot temperatures so it can make your table dry and shrink. Beside it, putting in the dry place also makes your table less crack. However, make sure you avoid your table far from sunlight directly. Try to far from fungi to make your table better.

2. Move it Carefully

When you want to move your tree root coffee table, make sure you move it carefully. When you move it carelessly, it will make your table scratch and break. When you want to move it, make sure you pull your table through the leg. It will decrease the number of tables broken. Lift it carefully in the cross to get the best way.

3. Dry the Stain with Water

The next one you can do is dry your table when you get sustain there. When your table gets the sustain, make sure you avoid using alcohol. Using alcohol will make your table worse. You can clean it through the water. However, when your table sustains is too difficult, you can mix water and baking soda to remove the sustain your table.

4. Clean Wooden Periodically

Even though you can easily find a teak root furniture Indonesia manufacturer, when you still have a good table, you have to take care of it. You have to clean your wooden or table periodically. Cleaning your table will always help it to always be beautiful. However, you can clean it at least once a month. Just clean it using water. However, if you want to get the best result, you can clean it with baking soda.

5. Using Tea as a Cleaner

Tea not only can be used for your health. You can use it to clean your table, especially for wooden-based. When you have a tree root coffee table and you want to get the best result for the cleaning time, you can use tea. Tea can make your table more shining and clean perfectly. Beside it, tea will make your table more beautiful.