TEAKROOT FURNITURE website, it is one of CV. Nusantara Sourcing Agent officially website for natural teakroot furniture product. Teakroot furniture in Indonesia is a kind of unique product for indoor and outdoor use, teakroot furniture was made of teak waste root material taking off from teak wood forest plantation in Java region. Teakroot furniture can be customized designs and size for teakroot coffee table, teakroot dining table, teakroot wooden bench, teakroot animal statue, teakroot wooden accessories such as teak bowl, teak chopping boards, teak homewares and so on. Crafted by Indonesian wood artisans, the teakroot waste wood become unique piece for restaurant equipment to home decoration. Various product on several diversification make people from Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, USA, Canada, Japan, China, America loved so much these kind of things. Behalf of CV. Nusantara Sourcing Agent as a reliable furniture sourcing agent in Java, Jepara, Yogyakarta, Solo, Cirebon and Bali, teakroot furniture will deliver mutual business to our customer order basis in retailer shop, wholesale importer, direct customer and custom projects directly from the specialist of teakroot furniture manufacturer in Indonesia.